Monday, February 15, 2010


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I’m not really a V day person, but I think the point is to cherish love. It’s not a LOABIVERINGE DHUVAS! It’s the day of LOVE. The kind of love that we share with our neighbor, teachers, friends, parents, pets, family, computers, colleagues, and of course lovers too. I don’t care what people think of the day. The last three V day’s were boring. Almost to the extent where I even started to think V day is overrated. But, maybe no, maybe I’m wrong. Still, Happy Belated V day to everyone who celebrates, hates, loves, or don’t care about V day!
Plus, this 14th Feb. was also the Chinese new year. Sometimes I wish I was Chinese, I donno why but I do. LOL. So, this year it was the tiger’s year. And I’m a monkey. A WATER MONKEY! Ah, that explains a lot.
Also a very happy national day.
3 more days till I’ll no longer be seventeen. I’m cherishing my last few days as a seventeen-er.
Here’s a cheesy poem I wrote and sent to a classmate. We were playing a prank on her. I don’t think she got the joke, but it was laughs for us.
“I’ve liked you since I was Seventeen
I want to meet you in the Canteen
The right time would be nine
When our hearts will combine”

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