Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help Hassan!

Some of you may have already heard about the accident that happened on Neykurendhoo the 14 of this month. A victim of this is a friend and a schoolmate of mine, Hassan. I only knew about his accident, this week, and since then, my friends and I have made a memoir book for him, gathering wishes and donations, and we’ve only been able to collect a very little amount, but even a little goes to help him.

So dear readers, please help this really good guy, and graduate come back to the society and use his skills in making better students for this nation.

To donate, call Zahir on 9751609 or Areef on 7949374. You can also donate through the bank no. 7701-206170-101.


  1. =( ow.. my best wishes.. hope he gets better soon..

    -ekala anonymous-

  2. my best wishes too .. insha allah he'll be fine soon ..

  3. anony, thanks

    adi,dhona, yeah me too. thanks guys


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