Sunday, January 29, 2012

The one with no Pictionary night.

My friends and I have this tradition of “Pictionary nights” every once in a while, where we gather around and play Pictionary like there’s no tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know Pictionary, I’m afraid our friendship might just be over. –___-

This week has been hectic. Finally, the registrations are done. *whee* It usually takes three trips from G block to FMC, and lots of administrations mistakes, queues in G block and meeting people we would rather not meet but this time, it went very well. Only took two trips, no administration mistakes and well, we did meet a few people we could have gone without meeting, and wouldn’t have mattered but whatever. Everything’s fine in Shaha-land, which is a the bubble that I sometimes go live in.
Since I’m now a bridesmaid, I have certain duties, one of which I can’t mention here because the bride might see it. I know, I now operate like a Maldivian business, with its too many business secrets. I can tell you though, about these flowers that we are making out of stockings for the bride’s big day. It takes lots of time, and “kavi masaikkaiy” but we aren’t complaining.
On other news, I modeled for Hijabified Me’s new lookbook, which was a new experience and fun. Don’t worry though, I’m not going into a career of modeling. Last night, a friend and I went to this Education fair thing which was very boring, and too cold.

Since I now get three day weekends *MWAHAHA* I am spending today watching “The Lying Game” and making the said flowers with classmates. Oh, and I hope you guys had a great two day weekend.
PS The title’s not misleading. We had to cancel this week’s Pictionary night because some of my friends were busy/out of town/sick.


  1. You can tell me what Pictionary Night is. :/

    1. it's when we play pictionary at night. Not very exciting when I put it that way, eh.


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