Monday, January 23, 2012

Senior year, baby!

Yes people, I’m finally a senior at University and it’s freaking awesome. Really. I have the best classmates, I’m a bridesmaid, and I’m busy as a bee. Life does not get any better, eh.
Except of course, everything becomes complicated when I’m around. First, the timetable is so messed up. I know a lot of people would like it especially people who go for jobs on the mornings. Yes, Imma happy for them, but classes going on till 10 30 at night, really? That is not even the biggest deal. The freaking library closes at 4! YES FOUR IN THE EVENING! How is that any easier for part timers? Or even full time students who actually use the library for purposes other than dating. –__-
I mean, if the timetables are set to address the needs of those who work in the mornings, how do you expect them to use the library? Oh wait, you don’t is that it? That is just crazy. I know it’s hard to set timetables when there are students who does different subjects and that not all of us pass in all the subjects, and some up have to therefore take a mixed bunch of subjects and that classes clash all the time. I do sincerely appreciate all the hard work of the academic staff and lecturers who set the timetable but whoever decided to close the business library at 4 seriously needs to think about ALL the students.
Also some suggestions of little things you could do that would help ALL the students;
  • Have food in the canteen. I do realize that businesses need to make profit (DUH!), but which part of NOT operating a canteen brings you profit?
  • Have a bunch of lockers near the business library instead of the bunch of cupboards that is not even useful
  • Install BIG dustbins instead of two tiny ones that ALWAYS is full. FE seems to have a budget for huge bins, why can’t FMC? Oh I forgot, this needs a different post of its own.
  • A notice board for students to post stuff, like lost phones or free scraps of paper!
  • Guards who are friendly. It doesn't hurt to smile, really.
Well, that’s what I can think of for the moment. I still however like FMC, and can’t wait to graduate by the end of the year. So, here’s to another almost 11 months of crazy routines, classes, a bazillion gazillion assignments and  to being seniors! Oh dear freshman, good luck!


  1. Best of luck with it all, sweety! ;) <3

  2. All the best, Shaha.. You're a senior!!

    Now its gonna be your 'hawaa' being a senior..! :P

    Hawaa is a hindi+marathi word..we use it to praise people! ;)

    1. YES I AM. Still hard to believe that three years are passing by.

      Thankyou, that is a beautiful word. In our language, hawaa means fireworks.

  3. I remember when I went to FMC, there was this guard name is "kudey". He is one hell of a guy. Very rude at times. But once you know him and become friends, he is a funny character. A hard core supporter of Club Valencia.

    About the canteen, in 2005 it was I think the peak of FMC. canteen also was on high demand from students and you can get almost all the popular dishes from there. every day after first session, we will go there and eat disk and mashuni. good times.

    you need to give a lil push to management if you want to improve something just like any other place.

    gud luck with your final year!


    1. He is still there. I guess I need to get to know him, eh. :P

      The canteen is open now, but pretty expensive. However, better than no canteen.



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