Thursday, January 12, 2012

On enjoying life.

I met a friend the other day who reminded me to enjoy life, something that I try telling myself to do, but keep forgetting. Between the busy-ness of life, and the tremendous to-do list that is not getting any shorter, and the lazy days spent in the comfort of the three walls within my room (yes, it only has three walls. It’s a pretty weird room), I keep forgetting that there is life outside the bubble that I live in.
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I admit, I’m not exactly a very open person. You might think that because I have a personal blog, I would be a very open and outgoing person. I try to be more outgoing, but honestly, I am a very closed person. I think it conflicts with what I am. I mean, I am a friendly person, and I have lots of good friends who are also close and my classmates consider me very talkative and all. I used to be on radio, for crying out loud. But somehow, I feel like I’m not living my life the way I should. I’m guarded, because of the things I put myself through. I can’t bring myself to trust people and let loose. I’m a perfectionist, and I feel like despite having big dreams that scare me, I still don’t enjoy life. Sure, I get out time to time, and have fun with friends, but I donno. I’m sure it probably doesn’t make any sense to you, because it makes no sense to me either.
I like being indoors, and not being out all day hanging around with friends. I was brought up in a conservative family, but my parents are good people, and they have no problems with me doing things my way, or having friends over or going out. It’s just that I like being with my family, and having friends over rather than being out and going for coffees. I know, it shouldn’t matter that I’m a girl and that in a community like Maldives, girls hanging out with guys in coffees are a norm, but not very much accepted by people, but it matters to me. I am quite a traditional person when it comes to this, and I care about what people think about my parents, and even though I wish I did not, I care about what people think of me, because I am their daughter. Because these people matter to my parents, they matter to me too even though my parents don’t know this.
I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I need to find a balance, between enjoying life, and balancing my priorities. Right now would be a good time to give my life advice. =P


  1. Haha, the first line made me giggle.

    I mean, are you THAT busy bee that your friend has to remind you of enjoying life?

    Shaha, WAKE UP! :P


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