Friday, January 20, 2012

LoVe and shopping.

Since my friend got me Veronica Mars a few weeks back, I’ve been watching it non-stop. I’ve finished it in less than a week and I’ve been obsessed with Logan and Veronica. They are made for each other, even the first two letters of their name together spells LoVe. That is freakishly cool! Of course I am so biased towards Kristen since ever, and Jason since Moonlight so it goes without saying that they are my new favorite couple after Todd and Claudia from Warehouse 13.
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Now that Thutha is back, I’ve been shopping all day. Today, I got into a little accident while crossing the road (Don’t worry. Other than little pain on the back of my hand, I’m fine) and now I’m so scared of crossing the road. This adds to my fears of the road, as I already have a phobia of motor cycles. >.< It was mostly my fault, since I was not looking both ways while I crossed.
Uni starts in two more days, and I’ve got some back to school stationary and lots of ideas for pranking the freshman class. But of course, I’m gonna be pretty busy not giving a rat’s ass to what’s going on, and living in a bubble and drinking iced tea. On a more happier note, I’m genuinely happy these days. I feel like I have a pocketful of sunshine with me always.
Have a great weekend guys. I’ll be enjoying the last two days of my LONG vacation meeting the idiots, having fun, more shopping and maybe a Pictionary night in-between and listening to lots of Plain White T’s which is one of my favorite bands now. Then it’s gonna be back to classes assignments, and drama. *sigh*


  1. Haha, loved the way you said "I'll be enjoying the last two days of my LONG vacation meeting the idiots!" :D

    1. Yes. I was hinting meeting two of my idiot friends today. It went well.
      I'll mail you sometime.


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