Monday, October 14, 2013

Currently - October

I'm always watching, reading (at least two books at a time!) and listening to all sorts of things. Here's what's on schedule for October

The Secret Circle I think I watched up to Ep12 and then stopped for some reason and now that it's cancelled and I have the whole series, I wanted to watch again but I forgot the part I watched so I started again. I really like Casey and her room. 

Schindler's List I seriously need some time off this movie. As much as there's great buzz around it, the movie itself is boring. There are some great parts of course, but I think I should just have read the book instead. Been trying to watch this three hour long Oscar winning movie for almost a month now. 

Your Grammar Sucks - Jacksfilms I love love Jacksfilms, especially him as Intern 2 in My Music. This however is the most hilarious thing ever. It makes me chuckle so much. When I am at work/home and feeling sad and in need of laughter (which I have been feeling a lot lately) I always watch this and instantly I'm laughing all the way to Alaska. 

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I just started reading this on my Kindle and so far I'm liking it. Not a lot but it's good. I've heard great reviews of it so I'm looking forward to finishing this book soon and hopefully reading the remaining books in the series. 

There are Reasons Noah Packed no Clothes - Robert Jacoby This book is very page turning, interesting and so full of meaning. I like reading about Richard and his struggles in life. It deals with dark topics such as self harm, suicide and depression. 

Pure Heroine - Lorde This album is seriously fantastic and so is this girl. Ever since my friend Moony introduced me to Royals, I've been listening to the song non-stop and I checked a lot of the songs on the album and all of them are simply amazing. This is on repeat when I work, play, surf the net and generally go about the day. 

Wishing all Muslims a very blessed Hajj and Eid. May Allah bless you and your family. Tell me what you're reading, watching and listening to lately?

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