Saturday, October 19, 2013

The iPhone Post

Most of my close friends and generally all of my friends already know that I have an iPhone now. I know, I used to be that girl who was so anti smartphone! (in some aspects I still am. You would NEVER find me on my phone scrolling down in a coffee with friends, nope. But you might find me reading on my Kindle. That's a whole different story) It was a very rash decision. One day I woke up and I told myself, you know what Shaha? I bet this is a great day to get yourself and iPhone and that's exactly what I did. 

I chose an iPhone 4 because my friend Queen and I had this pact in college when the iPhone 4 came out that we'd both buy it. Of course he got it right then and I waited a couple years, but a pact is a pact. I also love the covers for iPhone 4, the size and most things about it. I still haven't got a cover though. Or iOS 7 installed but whatever. 

What I love most about the smart phone is that it's super easy to organize things. I still use my Filofax to make appointments, for DYM uses and I do have a journal for journalling and a Kindle for reading and all, but I have all these cool apps and I'm trying to find the best way to utilize it. 

Yes, I only have two screens because it's easier to scroll this way. I am super duper organized and obsessed with making lists and alphabetically organizing things so every screen is organized from A to Z and even the groups are alphabetically organized. Call me crazy, but I like things a certain way. The notifications did used to bug me, but I thin I've grown to accept them. As you can see, my most used four items are the camera, messages, music and phone. For the obvious reasons.

 In the first screen, I've got the apps that I use the most. I like Appsfire, because it gives me pretty useful free apps and who doesn't love free apps eh. My favourite game is Blitz and I used to have a sleeping/alarm app but it used to drain all the battery so I stick to the Clock. Simple, no fuss, clock. I am looking for a good expense mapping app but haven't found the perfect one yet, and Expense List is the next best. I like that it shows subtotals of each category so I know exactly how much I spent. I no longer use my Filofax for this, so yeah. Obviously, I love Goodreads. I am always leaving my laptop at work so whenever I finish a book, I just mark it as read and write a quick review and it's so easy. The list is the best to-do/list app that I have used. I use it for so many purposes. All the DYMag content work is done through that app and it's fantastic. I used to use the simple Episode Tracker App but found the TV Show Tracker to be more useful. I know, I have 57 episodes of TV shows to watch, it's crazy. 

I am a calculator freak. Serious. I used to love DrawFree but haven't played in weeks. Also, FrameMagic to put outfit posts on Instagram. I do have a couple books on iBooks but I prefer a tablet/kindle/actual book. I find the phone screen too small and have to turn the page every five seconds so that's sad. I do like to read poetry on it. Perfect size. I am planning to upload my entire life list into iWish so I can have it with me anywhere anytime. Newsstand is there because I can't seem to put it in any groups. -.- I am also looking for a good panorama app and so far, this is the best one I have found. I like the 360 angle thing. It's pretty rad. Starmaker is just the best karaoke app ever. Hipster sister and I love singing mainstream songs on it. The only two unlocked songs I have are Jai Ho and Chasing the Sun, haha. I ofcourse love, instantly being able to check all the fashion shows, screen cap my favourite ones, so good. 

Then of course I have the grouped apps. The first three groups are named after the 9th, 10th and 11th in that order. Eccleston has some of my absolute favourite apps since he is my favourite Doctor. Dreamdays is great for counting down to days (like my birthday!) and Free Light for reading books in the middle of the night, haha. Keeper to keep all my passwords safe and remember them easily and Plates is the best thing ever! Seriously. TinyScan is also very handy since I'm always jotting things down and need to scan them. 

Tennant has some random apps that I sometimes use like news, celebrity gossip, a yoga app and a ringtone maker. Just your general weird app collection. Smith has some apps I sometimes like to use. Dhingana is great for streaming Bollywood songs since I am a Bollywood freak and I'm checking the waters with iTranslate. Nakaiy Nevi because I feel like the app is very close to my heart since I was super involved in promoting the app. Skyview is nice as I am very passionate about constellations and stars. Teen Vogue because why not? haha.

Then I have the four Hogwarts houses in alphabetical order. Gryffindor has my least favourite system apps, things I don't use very much. Apart from contacts (which I use on the Phone app) and YouTube, I have never used the other apps, ever. Hufflepuff has all the games on my phone which Hipster sister and Mick uses so often. Revenclaw has some apps that I sometimes use, like Pages and Calender and Slytherin obviously has my favourite personal apps like Blogger, Bloglovin, Drive and Pinterest. 

So mainly, that is everything on my phone and I named my phone Perry after my favourite Playpus. I know, super weird. I just made that up. -.- 

So, are you a smart phone person? What are your favourite apps?

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