Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We aren't caught up in your love affair

Hello! I know I have been like Waldo lately. Been head under water wrapped up in work, seriously. My day job seems to be taking over my life. *sigh* but oh well, I love it so dah-dah. 
Here's what I've been up to in the last few weeks.

Made some cards for the little one to give her teachers. I'm rather glad of how they turned out. Also, love how she signed her name with a heart, so cute! | Celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month at work. The launching ceremony was very fun and throughout this month, I shall be wearing the pink ribbon to work | Went to Koakaa Foakaa Cinema with the nameless guys. It was really fun and later we hung out a bit. 

 Got way too excited seeing a Doctor Who reference on a wall (also a Space Parade reference) when I was on a work event at Villigili. My co workers probably think I have a thing for wolves | Saw a Oyster Card from last year when I went to London on one of my winter jackets. I'm sure it wasn't mine cos I returned it | Went to Fahi Dhuvas of MNU and got these pretty bookmarks and later had ice-cream with the dudes. 

DYMag's October cover shoot went rather well. It was a blast working with these guys | Hung out with the pizzaforpresident gang a lot. We treated them once and Nonns and Timmy treated us this week. It was the best | Took this little girl to see her favourite Teletubby, Po. She was super shy though, haha. 

So basically, that was a lot of the things. I also did a LOT of crazy fun stuff that I forgot to Instagram, haha. When you're having fun, who has time to instagram, eh?

Also, I'll be doing a mini giveaway on my Facebook Page (I KNOW, I now have Facebook page, so classy eh! Maybe give a like. plax ) when I reach 100 fans, so be sure to keep on the look for it.

 How were you guys? Had any fun lately? 
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