Friday, October 11, 2013

DYMag September Issue

AHHH. I am so late in blogging this, I know. It's October now. Everyone who was sleeping is up, since September has ended and all that. ha, what a month it was. 

This cover was the best. Seriously, it was such a fun shoot. These guys were super duper amazing. Totally funny and awesomesauce! Also, we said goodbye to our veyr own Wuffy Duffy as the content director (who loved Corel Draw and perfection was his middle name, but didn't know what justify was. Ah, that was his hamartia.) but we also welcomed the nicest person on earth, Imysickle as the new content director and he was super duper great to work with and he even threw a mockingjay in my letter which I think is so well done! Design wise I mean obv. haha

Sifr's editor's picks are very serious, big topics that he really likes the magazine to talk more about. I'm more like OMG DESIGN, APPLE, FASHION, MILEY haha. It's fun to have people who think different in a group. I did love the quotes he chose, and as you all should know I'm a quotations junkie. 

Abo's music review of Ellie's Halcyon was so brilliantly written it gave me the chills. He was sweet enough to send me a few songs which I liked mostly because it reminded me of this great writing. Next is DYM Recommends by me, where I tell you the stuff you should be reading, listening to and watching! 

Ish writes a heartfelt and down to earth article that is inspirational, heartwarming and a gentle reminder to stay strong. Moony's noblesse oblige talks about taking responsibility, being your best self and is filled with motivation. Jin brings sports in a light to talk about a more deeper issue in the society and how sports brings us together as a country. A great read indeed. 

I cannot keep talking about Literallyric, because it is all sorts of amazing. This kid is going places! Shaam writes about a campaign of DYM, Faahaga which was a great fun campaign. We also featured one of my favourite people, Shamma who is truly a wonder woman. Each month we will be featuring a great woman from our society as inspiration to all. 

Next is the feature of the issue. The cover interview with none other than the fantastic Space Parade! These people know how to have fun and they don't disappoint! They talk about their lives, Space Parade, the country and inspirations and is sure a fun read. 

My life list column was about Random Acts of Kindness which is a concept I believe and practice. I hope that it serves as inspiration to be your kindest self and be nice to people all around. Liam's poem is so earth shatteringly beautiful. I wish I could write poetry that good. 

Thihnan is great because she can tell you something about a disease and make you understand it simply. She gives facts in a great way that makes you want to research more. Arthritis and cholesterol and two things she's written about and here's hoping that you now know a little more than your started with. The issue ends with two regulars. Shifraz's beautiful poetry and Fazu's beautiful poetry. Ah poets! They make the world go round and round.

Read it HERE. 

And as October issue comes near a finish, I hope that this issue was a great read. See you soon! Enjoy. 


  1. Heyy.. Do we have to be above 18 to be a member of DYM? (: Thanks.

    1. Nope, you don't. :D You can fill the form here


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