Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Currently: June

This month's quite low on entertainment actually. I hardly find any time. My weekends have become busier than weekdays. Also, I've been pursuing other hobbies which makes less time for books, movies and TV shows. However, I try to watch a movie every now and then keep up with my reading list. Here's what's on my list this month. 

Glee S2 | I love Glee. Songs, dancing and really really weird things going on? count me interested. I started watching S2 all excited to find I still have to get a couple more episodes so it's on hiatus now. I do love the new songs they are coming up with, also Darren Criss! Man, I've loved that guy since AVPM days. He makes a great character and since Kurt is my favourite, I am totally a Blaine + Kurt shipper. 

The Secret Life of American Teenager S4 | Why am I still watching this? Probably for Ben. It's such a weird series, everybody's too hormonal and angry all the time and there's so much drama hahah also I hate Amy's character so much. I guess, I can't just stop watching it even though it's terrible. Oh well. 

The Vow | I started watching this movie the other day but I got busy and haven't gone back to it but I am looking forward to watching it on the weekend. Channing Tatum is nice, I do get the hype about him and ah Rach is perfection. They make such a cute couple. 

The Interestings - Meg Wolitzer | I'm in currently reading it. It's written in a very genuine way and so far, it's a bit slow and I haven't decided whether I like it or not. I've only read 10% of it. The main character is quite Interesting (haha) and the whole time period it's set in makes me rather giddy. 

The Longest Ride -  Nicholas Sparks | For someone who has the whole NS collections, I have become the worst of his fans. I like a lot of his books (well, the three I've read anyway) and I am definitely looking forward to reading this. I guess the only reason I haven't read the other books is because they are paperbacks and these days I only read e-books (gasp! I know, I have become that person) because I read while eating or waiting and I always have my kindle so. 

Somebody to You - The Vamps ft Demi | Love love love this song. I thought this song could not get any better but then Demi happened and that girl has a voice to swoon over. Its my current summer anthem and I always have in on repeat making me feel all happy and excited. The Vamps are my current favourite boyband. 

What is keeping you entertained this month?

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