Sunday, June 8, 2014

Perks of dating Augustus Waters

Ah, I am so so excited for The Fault in Our Stars. I'm patiently waiting for the day when I can watch it, hopefully Schwack will bring it, if not I'll have to wait for DVD release. Either way, I am one of the millions of people completely obsessed over the story; the book made me cry so hard and maybe the movie will too. Keeping them tissues ready. 

1. Augustus will always be there for you, no matter what.

He will meet you with a bunch of tulips, he will listen to your story (not you cancer story, your REAL story) and even though he fears oblivion and even though he talks in his own pre-funeral, he will make you feel like you are the only thing in the world that matters, and most importantly he will give you hope when everything else seems gray. 

2. He can take your breath away - literally.
He took Hazel's. He's handsome (uh can I just sigh about the fact that I can never ever meet Ansel but the fact that he exists is amazing!) and he understands your favourite book like no other. He might be a bit narcissistic about his looks but ah don't you love a guy who knows he's beautiful but he thinks you are more. 

3. He's the master of metaphors
He will not let cancer get the worst of him, but he will make sure that he will not give the power to the killing machine. Also he has the best advice and he makes you feel like this world is only about you.

4. His thoughts are stars he cannot fathom into constellations. 
but he will try, for you. His mind is as beautiful as he is and he always has something witty and comforting to say. Why can't we have a Gus in our life? *sigh*

5. He's not in the business of denying himself the simple pleasures of saying true things. 
This is my favourite line in the book and I love Gus's honesty. Often we say white lies, but that's not Gus. He's not afraid of radical honesty and that's why I think he's perfect. You will always know you can trust him. 

6. He will give his last wish to you because he knows that the world is not a wish granting factory. 
And most importantly, he will take you to meet the one person you want to, and even if that person turns out to be the opposite of what you thought, he will hold your hand and kiss you soft and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. 

7. His smile. 
AHH, guys with the half smirk smiles are the reason I watch TV and the reason I lay awake at night thinking how nice it would be to wake up to that kind of smile everyday. 
8. Nothing will lessen his affections for you. 
Not even you trying to keep your distance from him. He's your crazy manic pixie dreamboy and those the boys that are the hardest to find. 

9. He will make you cry your eyes out
because he cares about you but he knows he can't be there forever and maybe when he's gone you'll never know a love that's as wonderful as him and that's fine because you can tell yourself you once knew a boy who is utterly unprecedented and who loved you from the very bottom of his heart and that is what matters in the end. 

10. No one will ever be good enough
because you once fell in love with a fictional character and now no boy in real life can make you feel tingly and you will constantly keep comparing everyone to Gus and cry over the fact that Gus is only fictional. :'( 


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