Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May in a nutshell

Last month went by in a blur. The days are short and time so precious, ticking away so fast it seems like I am always in competition to squeeze more life into each minute before it passes away. It was a good month, despite having some terrible days. 

For most part, I was sick and there were so many nights I slept because of medication when I had so many things on my to-do list and once my nose bled, it was terrifying but masha Allah, I have come out stronger than I knew I was. 

how adorable are these? Mum made them and I used an empty egg carton to make a make-shift cake ball tray!
There were great achievements and some sad ones. I had to get rid of my previous 101 things list, but I managed to write up a new one with even more dedication to cross off more things. I started writing a weekly e-mail in hopes of sharing love within a small group of people and being each other's strength in times of hardships. So far, it is going well. I was able to leave 33 letters of encouragement, also known as "love letters" around Male', a task I was so scared of but was still able to do so with the help of some very cool people that I have the privilege of calling my good friends. I hope that at least one said letter was able to make someone smile, make someone's day, anything. 

I started a new batch of students. Macro Economics. They are rather nice, but then again so are everyone eh. Students are always students and so far I've been blessed with some very nice students and I hope I am doing a good job of making them understand things that I have to tell them. 

These people are the bees knees! we talked about Lego movie and fought over the last cookie like pros.
On the last day of May, I finally did something I've been planning since last year; a picnic in the park with friends. It was most fun. We gathered and made our way across the sea to Hulhumale' and we ate good food, shared many a laughter and had a great time. It was one for the memory book and stories to tell children. I feel so happy to know these people and to have the pleasure of their sweet company. 

how amazing is the post card, it looks like a pencil drawing and this tea tasted different but so very good! 
Also, I received and sent quite a number of postcards from places that I long to travel, places that I've never been but am homesick for. My mother things me crazy to get so many cards and even a pack of tea from people I've never met and don't even know but I bonded with my father because he was once like me and wrote to strangers as well. It was so nice to know this, to have a bit of his history and to know that he like me was once crazy, and still is but in a nice way. 

I watched through several TV shows, movies, read a few books, ate a lot of good food and shared great moments all around and it was a very bustling month full of wonders and I'm so grateful to Allah for bestowing me with so many great things. 

How was your May?


  1. Sounds like you've managed to pack quite a lot into 30 days :)
    I wish I had your willpower and drive to do as much as I can as fast I can. I pass on so many opportunities just because I can't be bothered to put in the minuscule effort :/ I am wasting so much time.
    Hope June goes just as well for you, minus being sick of course!

    1. Yes, I did huh.
      Well, thank you but most of the time I'm super lazy and waste time too.
      It's going well so far. Thanks.


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