Monday, January 4, 2010

One Year Gone


Tomorrow is my lovely little baby sister Mickie’s first birthday.. I can’t still believe she’s gonna be one year old.. I still remember when I told mom that we don’t need a baby, but I'm so glad Mickie came into our lives..

She’s like this little Martian.. So cute, and cuddly.. She can walk now, talks nonsense all the time, loves dressing up, and the words “makeup” is like music to her ears.. I see another Me coming.. xD

Plus she has weird obsessions.. Like my blush brush, which she adores, my cousin’s moisturizer (Men’s O.o), and the song duniye Farivaa by Mustho and Ala..

I'm just so lucky to be blessed with such cute sisters.. Muntha, the perfect little sister, and Mickie is like a glue which sticks us together..

Best Siblings Ever!

PS I'm still as sick as ever.. And I have a toothache.. and it hurts a LOT..

PS2 Love the picture by jakegarn, DA



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