Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A to Z: Alice In Wonderland-ish

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A is for Alice, this very alice-in-wonderland-like picture!
B is for Brittany Murphy.. She was so young.. RIP!
C is for Cucumber Lotions.. Seriously! I smell like cucumber salad now, but its hygienic or whatever..
D is for Dresses which you can color, and no I'm not making that up.. If you don’t believes me, see for yourself!
E is for Everything bad happens to good people.. I still cant believe she’s such a bitch.. That’s as low as a girl can get.. Forgive and NEVER forget!
F is for Famous Five.. I now only realized that back in the day they used the word “gay” in children’s books and get away with it, but now the picture would be different, methinks~!
G is for Gross dreams.. Like the one I had about shrimps growing in my body.. OMG, it was not a good sight, even in a nightmare!
H is for How am I supposed to do all that in a such a little time?
I is for Ikko, She’s great in person too.. xD
J is for Jeet Jayengi Hum.. We should do something to stop child labor..
K is for Kel, the new temp boss.. #bossfail (Not anymore, yay)
L is for loolket, my new favorite website.. xD
M is for Mars chocolates.. xD Kel gave me the two chocolates he owed me, along with interest.. xD
N is for New year resolutions.. lol and to a new decade.. xD
O is for Onion heels.. LOL
P is for President Nasheed.. I wonder who his stylist is?
Q is for Queues.. I hate queues!
R is for Room and Closet tours.. I have been watching all that cute room tours, and daddy is gonna build a walk in closet for me in my room back in my island.. xD For now, all my clothes are gonna be neatly organized in my little wardrobe.. I'm a clean freak.. =/
S is for Songs, songs and more songs..
T is for This Is It.. MJ is such an inspiration.. (= and did you also know that Sasha from 90210 (Menika Cox) was the leading lady for the concert? I thought she seemed familiar..
U is for U should never trust people until you are very sure..
V is for Vogue!
W is for Winter themed weddings where the bride and groom comes one hour late to their own wedding.. #weddingfail
X is for eXceptionally great people do exist.. But are very rare to find..
Y is for Y? Y? Y do people cheat? and act?
Z is for Zappos!

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