Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Wrong Start

Today was the first day at college. It was all going well until I was selected (selected, due to the fact that I wrote my name in orange pen, and was in top ten) seriously! FML T_T

My life is over, at least for a month. and I swear I’m gonna resign or do whatever I have to do and get out of the trouble. I donno how, but I am.

I’m starting to hate college.



  1. come on
    its just a name as a rep
    u have to do nothing
    this aint CHSE!!! :D

  2. @iththi,
    that is exactly why I dont want to, in the first place. CHSE is over. hehe.

  3. @Zuzanna,
    thanks. It's much better now


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