Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A to Z: College Girl

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A is for Access Bollywood. Keep tuned. 
B is for Blitzy, my laptop. I got the cutest lappie. Only it isn't very me. Its shiny and black. I even have a very cute CD ROM, which is white and portable. 
C is for College. Starting college is not really a big deal. But I'm like a perfectionist. LOL 
D is for Desperate Housewives. I can't wait to start watching it. 
E is for Estelle. I've started typing my story down. Its called Freshman Fever. Will hopefully blog about it very soon. 
F is for Friends, who'll always stick by the side no matter what happens. I'm so glad I have such amazing friends. (= 
G is for Gee. I tend to use word very often. 
H is for How awesome is that picture?

I is for Ijajat, the stupid TV series that mom used to watch, which ended last week. Thank god. 
J is for January goals. I still have a lot to achieve and the month is already over. (= 
K is for Know it alls, who tend to think that the world revolves around them, and their damn problems. No, it doesn’t. Gee. 
L is for Less than 3. Don't get it? <3 
M is for My memory. I'm seriously the most forgetful girl I know. >.< 
N is for Nelena. LOL. Did you also know about Melena? No, that's not Miley and Selena. Haha. 
O is for Orientations. I was planning not to attend all the orientations, but Zai called and it was peer pressure. But hey, peer pressure for a good thing is good, right? And it went pretty well except for the part where I didn't know how to sit in those classy chairs. LOL. 
P is for People who think that everyone should do what they say, and how they say just because they've been there for a long time. Old is gold, but sadly I like silver better. I don't give a damn.
Q is for Quotes. Motivational quotes are what you need when you're feeling blue. =D 
R is for Registrations at college. Thank god to certain good friends. And certain really weirdo classmates. hmph 
S is for So Random, the comedy show in Sonny with a chance. It's so funny.
T is for True Blood, which I left unwatched for some reason, but am addicted now. Even though I have no  favorite character, its fun. But I always liked moonlight better. Mick is better than Bill, who's better than Edward. Moonlight>True Blood>Twilight Series. >.< 
U is for Uber stupid people who think they are so good, and old and responsible and still have fun. Gee, no thanks. 
V is for Violet. 
W is for Wanda and Cosmo, the fairly odd parents. =) 
X is for Xylophone. I'm running out of stuff. 
Y is for Y do I always get stuck in places without what I need? Reminder, take a huuuge bag wherever you go. 
Z is for Zabyh, this guy whom I've known since Ahmadhiyya, CHSE, and now we're classmates. >.<



  1. hey girlyyyy. so coooool. can you plaz do a haa shaviyani version... xoxo

  2. @Anony,
    haha. that would be hard. but thanks for the idea. XOXO

  3. koba tha alif baa version

  4. @Shapoo,
    Thats a good idea. hehe. And I didnt say alif baa version eh hadaanamekey.


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