Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secrets, Lazy Days and One Confused Girl

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Hey guys
Life lately has been full of ups and downs, mostly ups, but I'm not feeling like my cheerful self. Thank god, I am sane, and that I am pretending to be happy and cheerful, and me.
I have amazing news, two to be exact. But the sad thing is, its a secret for now. Keeping a secret so exciting is definitely hard.
I have been having nightmares, blue nail polish on one hand, laziness, and not in the mood to go out other than daily trips to office.
Work has been more interesting. Watching movies almost 24/7 equals to mom and dad thinking I can’t do anything besides that, which is so not true. College is gonna start in less than a month, and I basically haven’t started to get ready yet. Works pending, goals unachieved, no heart to do anything.
And on top of that, “someone” stole lots of money from me. Well for someone, who’s trying very hard not to ask parents for my college fees, I'm pretty much broke, and yet that person has the nerve to do that. I'm trying not to call her names or anything, but seriously. Its pretty much my fault that I trusted her, and everyone else. I'm not trusting people easily after this. I have learned from my mistakes.
And yeah, good news, Thutha will be in Male’ in time for my “Legally an Adult” birthday. LOL. I am so waiting for it. And my room *upstairs space* needs renovation, and well. I am confused. Where to start?

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