Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Being Eighteen

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I haven't blogged since I was eighteen. *sarcastic* Have been really busy, *cough lazy! and thus neglecting the blog. Life in short is good. So, I had a birthday bash, had so much fun, and then work is also very exciting. classes are turning more fun/less boring. Even the account teacher seem to be OK. We get along now, which I donno is a bad thing or not. In all this crazy mess, I also happen to make a card, last Saturday to be exact. Not the best one though. And that also reminds me of how I had this 17 things list, of which I was only able to do a few, six exactly. I was way over ambitious at the time of making the list. I should've learned from it but I will never, thus leading to another list. This time, presenting you, the Excessive Eighteener List. I know, I even gave it a fancy name, like the English people. Hah
Most of the things this time are easier/less ambitious but fun, and what I can see my self doing in the coming year. 
Being 18 so far isnt any different. I just feel older, and that’s not really good. Anyhow, I'll hopefully update the blog at least twice a week, so boring you with my not so exciting life. Hah. Oh, and if you are totally bored by now, I have another thing to un-bore you, by the one and only Kel angel-ina jolie. his RJ blog. Do leave a comment, the poor guy will be feeling sad though. haha

1. Save 100 per month from my allowance 
2. Design my whole collection 
3. Get Shaheed Labeeb Award 
4. Be on Dean's Honour list 
5. Watch all hindi movies that comes out and write reviews 
6. Recite the whole Quran at least once 
7. Be more friendly 
8. Help mom more 
9. Do my own Laundry 
10. Give gifts on friends/family birthdays 
11. Get a boyfriend 
12. Buy an IPod 
13. Start an Etsy Shop 
14. Buy lime crime lipstick 
15. Get my debit card 
16. Save electricity, fuel, etc and help the environment 
17. Get a pet 
18. Enjoy being 18!

PS, This the last post (hopefully) containing “Eighteen” in the title.

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