Monday, May 3, 2010

American Pie and Submarines

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Everyone talks about how I should watch American pie, so I watched the first part, and slept halfway through it. Boring. And last week, I was so bored I watched the rest, and when i got to part 4, Band Camp, I instantly fell in love with it. And since then, I’ve watched it 6 times in the last two days. and I’m intending to watch it again next week. Too much homework right now plus I don't want to make it boring by watching too many times.
I’ve been quite busy the last few days, with yesterday having to spend almost more than 10 hours in college. OMG.
I so wanted to skip class, but went to find it cancelled. And yet Ainth, and I stayed, and went to library and looked through catering books, and college survival guides which gave me an idea to write my own FMC survival guide and hide it in library. LOL And then I came back home, and watched Band Camp one again. haha. Had to go back to college again for a Muggle studies lecture, and had to see muggle underwear sneak peek. Sheesh! At least she was wearing one. so, it wasnt half bad. I tried my best to well, fit in and answer the questions, but either the teacher never heard me (I was almost shouting) or she completely ignored me. Anyhow after that, Nash, Ainth and I went to Dinemore and had submarine. We called people, had fun and walked back to FMC. I asked my room mate to bring my lap, and he only bought the lap, and no charger. FML. and so, I had to carry a dead blitzy all around the place. Then I had account class, where I was almost dozing off, and then came Econ lecture where the teacher showed us our mid sem marks, and I got a B. )= I haven't felt this sad in a long long time. I couldn't even be happy for my classmates who got better marks than me. wtf! Also nash is now Nashfit, Ainth is Made in China, and I’m Sem. haha. Sem ftw!
So, that was the highlight of the day. And today was well, better. But I am too sleepy, so I need to doze off.

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