Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey May

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I am having the laziest days ever, so even the goals are lazy. It’s just the same as last month. gee.
1. Pray regularly
Keeping faith is what I need at this time, and always.
2. Write on diary regularly
For the last few days, I used to write in diary regularly, and now I’m lost yet again. gee
3. Study according to the study schedule
My study schedule looks promising, but only if I ever decide to follow it.
4. Do more chores at home
Being a Cinderella = someday I’ll get my prince.
5. Do All Assignments
I have like 4 assignments, and I’ve only started one. gee
6. Blog regularly
And bore you till death.mwahaha
Hey, I’m lazy, and sleepy and I just finished two classes on a row.

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