Monday, May 24, 2010

Life As I Know

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Crappy heading. I don't know what I’m doing. I’ve been the laziest person I know, and hey, I am lazy. OK, I think everyone knows that by now, including my teachers. FML!
Anyhow, the last week, all I did was get up, go to college, come back, watch desperate housewives/gossip girl and back to bed. I only ate once. Hello! I’m on a diet. That’s right. I’m already less than a size zero, and yet I’m on a diet. Its not that I’m gonna be a model or anything, but I love being skinny. And don't give me crap about health benefits, my dads a doctor. I’m super emo right now. Also I have an assignment to finish by Thursday, and even though I think Apple is a great company, its too much geeky for me. hmph
The only good thing that happened was that I got a 95% in before final exams in accounting, which means I’m the top of the class. I feel OK. My parents doesn't. But then again, I don't call them mom and dad for nothing.
My computer broke, and I cant go online, since I’ve already maxed up my WModem. FML, and now I’m exceeding it, and the bill is probably gonna be like thousand times higher, and then Id have broken a promise. FML 
Also I have been spending way too much money on useless stuff, including paying for juice bills for my friends everyday. I just don't like asking people for money, but then again, I don't want to only buy juice for myself, that would be too selfish. I’m not sure what people in FMC already think about me. I don't want them to think I’m a snob who only has a good sense of fashion. FML

Also yesterday someone came to me and told me that some guy wearing a yellow T shirt (don’t get too excited. Guys I know dont even like yellow) came and asked for me, and told that my boyfriend was in an accident. I donno but I suddenly felt sad, only later did I realize that I dont have a boyfriend. My life is practically over. Thank god for my sense of humor and Ok-ish acting skills I was able to get out un-embarrassed. FML
And I so want to go to my island on sem break, but I’m broke, and I don't want to ask my parents for money. Whenever I thought, back when I was 13 till now, I thought that when I’m eighteen, I’d not be asking my parents for money, and would be studying with my own money. I also thought I’d be at Princeton, but some dreams take a long time to come true. And now her I am, eighteen years old, no job, and living off my parents. FML
Also thanks to the freaking stupid timetables here, I cant even get a good job, and then I’d be stuck to babysitting. FML
I dont even remember the last time I went shopping, cos that was so long ago, and now I just wear the same things over and over again. FML
Good thing is, I cleaned up my room, and it’s beautiful, I had all this makeup a stuff everywhere like in magazines, and today found out someone broke my favorite Lakme’ nail polish. FML
I hate when people come and meddle with my stuff. I’m just too nice. My parents are to blame, they taught me manners.
I’m sure you’ll be feeling emo too after reading this, and also I’d like to say to my mail buddy, sorry If I dont reply to any mail. I’ll ASAP. Promise.
This post should’ve been named FML, but I’m lazy to rename it. FML!

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