Monday, May 17, 2010


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Simplicity is one thing I loathe. I don't like simple. I’ve always had problem with simple. I am complicated. And I like things to be complicated. But that doesn't mean I don't try simple once in a while. One thing that I absolutely hate to hear from anyone is to say that I’m simple. I donno how people try to judge me
Some people think I am a nerd. I’d like to think myself so, but no. I’m only good at studies because I try at the last minute, and I never give up. Some people call me a geek. I don't even know why they would, since I am no good at computers either. I love computers though, but I cant even connect a keyboard wire to the system unit, even if my life depended on it. That's how a lame geek I am. No, I’m not a geek actually, so stop calling me one.Some people call me drama queen, now that is one thing I am. I love drama, I love the emotions, the fights, rivalry, jealousy, anything to do with too much drama. But mostly, I am just the one watching it, and not creating it, unless I think the world around me is too boring, only a creation of a drama will work.
Most of my “type”s have been related to what people think about me. Uptight, “Foni”, selfish, proud, crazy, good, friendly, talkative, kind, are also a few. I think its quite true. Of course I am foni, and I think people should have a bit of selfishness in them. This is life, not a reality TV series, and people who are not selfish are rather rare. I’ve been not selfish till I was 12. That's when I decided I have to think about myself, and put my best foot forward, and I am proud for what I have turned to be.
I know I am boring you with my selfish self talk. Sometimes I just have way too many words.
Anyhow, Life have been pretty well, average, and SIMPLE. of all things simple, and so, I plan to make it complicated. Tangle.


  1. dont go on supporting a complicated life and self for too long... it ends up badly and your fairy tale will never have that happy ending!

  2. @Anony,
    I'll keep that in mind. thanks


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