Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dream Crushers

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When I was 5 year old, and in grade 1 (I was given early admission since I was a born nerd), my teacher asked my class to write what we wanted to be when we grow up. I’ve never wanted to grow up, because I always see grown ups serious, and sad, and miserable. I didn't want to grow up to be a miserable old person. As usual preschoolers, my classmates wrote different professions. Some wanted to be doctors, some teachers, some nurses, and a few pilots, and even one principal. I however wrote that I wanted to be “Happy”. My teacher asked me why I wrote that, and that it’s not a profession. I knew it wasn't. I said that I don't want to be a miserable pilot, an angry doctor, or even a rude and stupid teacher, and that I’d rather be a happy housewife. My teacher said that I’d get a zero, and If I wanted my marks, I should change it.
Few years ago, I found the same book at my house (my parents are such sweet people they kept all my school books) and I found that I didn't change it. I felt proud. I felt like I was such a special person even when I was a kid. I kept my dream,and my teacher kept her marks.
And Insha Allah, I grew up to be a happy kid. I try my best to cheer people, to live life to its fullest, and be like a ray of pure sunshine spreading happiness. And in future too. I want my future to be happy, and bright, not dark, and miserable. Some of my classmates back then, now live life in very unhappy conditions, and I don't regret getting a zero at all. .
On a different note, my younger sister Muntha had another experience like this. When she was in kindergarten, her teacher too asked her to write what she wanted to be. She always wanted to be a nurse, so she wrote nurse, and the teacher told her that nurses can make mistakes that may lead to people dying. she was so sad she cried the whole day. We tried telling her it was wrong, but she believes that teacher could never lie. I couldn't change her. But she’s a smart kid, so I’m positive she will later realize this.
Here is a notice to all teachers, grownups, and people who play with kids: Don’t be a dream crusher. Don’t try to play with little kids imagination. Let them imagine, let them breathe free. Don't destroy our tomorrow. Just because you are a miserable old person, don’t let them suffer. It’s not their problem you’re not happy


  1. this is very nice book, try to get this .
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  2. now thats some really gud advice for the teachers and grownups..;)

  3. the teacher told that to muntha? thats so rude, and inappropriate!

    nice post =)

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  5. @Anony, thanks.

    @nonehergetsoutalive, aww, thanks.

    @mini, yep she did. Thanks.

    @Mike, thanks for the opportunity. xD

  6. Love Peace and Happiness:)


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