Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Debate

I am in no means of actually making a political debate, but since this is my blog, and I can write whatever I can as long as it doesn't violate any religious rights I am going to say something about what's going on.
I may be the last one to hear about this, but I don't really care. I somehow am ashamed that I know so much about British Parliament, and yet I don't even care about our own. I agree, I’m not a very patriotic person, but I’m only 18, so you cant blame me. I am yet to learn. Right now I have more than important mathematical formulas to learn than by heart the gaanoonu asaasee,>.<
So, my point being that I think it’s really really unfair and very irrelevant that they are making Islam and Dhivehi optional for A level. I’d be over cloud 9 if they did that last year, but then again, I’d study it, not because I somehow always seem to think my parents would disown me if I didn't. But they wont. They'd get a heart attack if they even knew its what I think. I just like thinking negative at times. It helps me getting. Also, by now you may have notices that I like drama.
So, the big deal is not that the subjects are not important. Hell, they are. I mean I learned so much in Islam, about vaarutha mudhaa and all, and I can proudly say that I now know 16.5 more percent about my religion than I did before A levels. And I also like to think Dhivehi is also very important. Of course Harvard or Princeton or even Open University Malaysia wouldn't check whether you got an A in A level Dhivehi or not, but as a Maldivian who’s proud of who I am, I think having studied A level Dhivehi makes me more self confident, and hey, I can kick butt of those who didn't study A level Dhivehi. haha
Anyhow I also think it’s kind of setting a lower standard. 5 subjects are so less, and yet making 2 of them optional just lowers the standard lower than the dead sea. I wasn't happy with the 5 subjects. I thought I had more potential, so I studied 7 subjects. And I can honestly say my high school years were a challenge. I has fun, and I studied all subjects that a student is allowed to. It didn't matter than I had more homework, more class time, or more exams than the rest, it made me confident. It helped me become more organized, manage time, and be more alert. (Please excuse my current habit of procrastination. It’s not cause I’m lousy at time management, its’ cause I'm a Maldivian, We all know Maldivians are like that. Just kidding!)
And by making it optional, do they think students will go and take them? Having been a typical high school myself I can honestly say we studied it only because it was mandatory. It was what made our grades low, what made us not get 1st place at top ten. I myself got B’s in both subjects. I didn't try my best, and I wont lie. So, basically are we going one step back, after already taking 3 steps forward? I thought there was no looking back! Guess I was wrong!
I personally think they shouldn't make it optional, at least Islam should be kept mandatory. If you wont study Islam in high school they you wont study it after that.
Ps sorry about no picture. I’m at PC, and I’m too lazy to get to lap to get a picture.


  1. I always suck at dhivehi and islam

    hey remove the word verification thing, its difficult to comment for lazy ppl like me

  2. I think it's best that we get opinions about this from students such as yourself rather than political parties :)

  3. hey there,

    i was just blog hopping when i came across your blog. just wanted to say that it makes a pretty interesting read. keep it up. :)

  4. @dhiking, hehe. Oh, I totally forgot it was there. Will do, and thanks.

    @paperclippeny, That would be great, but then again, I'm sure most of them are grateful about the new rule.

    @Anony, Thankyou very much. I appreciate it.


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