Monday, April 11, 2011


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Those of you who watch Phineas and Ferb will know their crazy blabbering sister who always tries to bust them but ever succeeds. Those of you who don’t, you NEED to watch it, it’s the best thing that’s on Disney Channel these days, other than Fairly Odd Parents.
Most of my friends who watch this cartoon says that I’m a lot like her. hehe.
Here are some of my favorite Candace moments.
Candace: I’m In charge. You did tell them I’m in charge right?
Mom: Candace. No body has to be in charge.
C: What if there’s an emergency?
M: Like what?
C. *thinks* What if a satellite falls from the orbit and crashes into the house? *big smile*
M: If that happens, you’re in charge.
Later, Candace goes to Phineas and Ferb.
C: Mom says I’m in charge. Conditionally.
She sees a poster about Phineas and Ferb’s roller coaster and goes to show mom. But when she comes back, the poster is gone, but she doesn’t know.
C: Look mom. I told you.I told you I’m not crazy.
M: And you’re not crazy because?
C: *sees the bare wall* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
M: Yes. No crazy person would yell at a post like that. I’ll be in the dairy section if you wanna come and yell at some cheese or anything.
C: Ha. You call this a beach? This is WAY below your usual standards. this isn’t even worth a call to mom. You know, if you guys ever want to be popular you need to stop playing in sandboxes. *gets hit by a beach ball* OUCH.
C: *sees the miniature golf course fly away, her mom comes*
M: Candace? Why are you outside. Wasn’t Stacy taking care of you?
C: She was seduced by the coolness. Follow that miniature golf course.
M: What does that even mean?
C: Look behind you.
M: I don’t see anything.
There are still many many episodes and many funny moments. Overall, I love this show and I love Candace. Do you?


  1. :D heck ya!

    -ekala mean anony-

  2. anony, I don't remember ever calling you mean. Mean in my books means Regina George. So, unless you're her, you're pretty much fine. =D

  3. i love the cartoon! been ages since ive watched it. my fav line is, "hey phineas, whatchu dooin?" hehe

  4. mini haha. yeah that part is so cute.

  5. But but but but i AM mean!! =(

  6. anony, if you insist that you want to be mean, fine. But I'm not gonna call someone mean just because they are a want to be mean.


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