Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Reads


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Hello readers. I missed a post last Wednesday cos I was too busy with university work. Well, I had an exam of a sort, a presentation and an assignment for someone to finish. Why do I always have to volunteer to do other people’s assignments? >.<

Moving on, this week has been  kinda dull on the internet, with only few posts from my blogger pals. Aali, and Xef (such a cute couple they are!) updated their blogs, and Xin wrote about worlds smallest bodybuilder.

Luckily some bloggers like Diana, Nabilah and Nikki provided with some drool worthy outfits and cute-ness to last for the weekend!

I better be off, for I have group mates coming over to practice for tomorrow’s presentation. Wish us luck!


  1. Gaaal >.> write something interesting will u? Like something funny that happaned, or i dunno ! SOMETHING >.>
    Even that teacher thing was wayyyyy better !

    ekala annoying anonymous :D
    (i like to be known as that )

  2. anony, hehe. I will try. no promises.

    adi, thanks


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