Monday, April 4, 2011

Movies and Maldivians


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You may notice that I write too many articles about Maldives these days, this is mostly because I’m a Maldivian (duh!) and also because only very recently did I start to actually think about what’s going on around me. (Yes, for the past 19 years, I lived under a rock, and in my own fairytale. I’m weird like that.)

I’m pretty sure by now you’ve heard about the “goat” thing. It’s such sad times for all of us Maldivians, the things that a few of us do. I love Maldives, that is true. I’m proud to be a Maldivian, but sometimes it makes me think whether I should be.

The question lies, on whether every one of us is! Why do people do things that is BOUND to bring shame to themselves, their families, friends and the country as a whole. The concept of movies comes in here, I guess. We all watch movies, don’t we? We watch TV and see what people from all over the world do. Is it this that makes people WANT to experience things. Is it curiosity. Well, it killed the cat so, I donno what to say.

I know lots of people who watch movies and quote from them and even sometimes we get inspired to do things, but we know our limits. For a moment today, I was ashamed of being a Maldivian. Then I realized that no, it wasn’t the country that did this, it was a few people and that we are better than this.

I guess I lost my point there. I’m not thinking straight. Why are people like this? Will we ever find an answer? I guess, not. But the rest of us, all we can do is make sure that we don’t do anything that would bring shame to our families, our religion and our country.


  1. I respect your thinking, know that! Just spreading such frank talks can maybe help/inspire people to get better n smarter.. Bringing up shame to the society won't get anyone anywhere nice. Respect is a hard thing to earn..

  2. adi, thanks. I agree. I hope that we'll all rememember this and try to be our best.


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