Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not Gonna Stop Dreaming

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Today in human resource Management class, we studied about career development and we were given a form which asked us to list 3 ideal jobs.
Now before I tell you what happened, let me tell about our teacher, Mrs. S. She started teaching us only recently after our usual teacher went and she is very very good. Exceptional. I like her teaching style, the way she explains every little detail and the best thing is, she does a recap every day after the presentation which is very helpful. I think she is an ideal teacher for a university. She is also very friendly but keeps a professional relationship with us, has her rules, is VERY punctual and dresses impeccably.
So you see, I like her a lot, but what she said today made me feel kinda sad. Well, she asked us to tell one of our ideal jobs. Most people’s were related to HRM, management and business related while there were some very diverse answers too. Mine was fashion design, and there was N too, who said the same thing.
Mrs. S then went and said what I would have NEVER expected HER to say. She said that we did not have careers planned, and she went as far to say that our dreams were not realistic and that if someone wants to do fashion design, what was that person doing in FMC?
I felt taken aback. I mean, she did have a point. Everything she said was true, but I felt it was rather harsh. I get the whole truth is supposed to be scary thing. In my defense, I have planned my career since long ago. I have a plan, and a back up plan too, so it was rather judgmental of her to accuse anyone of not being realistic.
Well, being me I never said anything because I didn’t have the heart to argue with her. I am true to myself, my dreams, and hopefully Inshal Allah one day I’m gonna be a successful fashion designer and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from going for my dreams. I’m the one with the dream, and I’m gonna achieve it. I don’t care if it’s realistic or not.I have one life, and I don’t want it to be full of realistic or dull things. I want it to be interesting. Extra ordinary. I want it to be like a dream.
I still, nevertheless like Mrs. S and I haven’t lost respect for her. I don’t know what she has gone through or why she said that. Maybe I took it too personally. She is an inspirational woman and hopefully one day she’ll be proud that she was also a part of making me a better person, by being an exceptional role model and a great teacher. But I’m me, and I need to make my own mistakes, because I can’t learn from others mistakes.
Sorry if it was too long/boring. I needed to tell this to someone. >.< BTW, how is everything lovely readers?


  1. I have dreams too, and my dream job is something totally different from what I am studying! It may just be a dream. But, whatever others might say, I am never ever gonna give up hope.
    Good luck Shaha. InshaAllah you will be what you want to be one day :)

  2. she has a point. you are just plain boring.

  3. I loved that you shared it here. :D
    Yes, you are capable of dreaming big n making them come true.. so don't let anything dampen your passion. :) I too have such inspirational teachers around me.. they play a great part in making me.
    All the best for your dreams n aims. <3

  4. labendergirl, thanksyou. All the best in your dream and I hope you achieve it. Keep dreaming!

    anony, True that. I'm glad there's at least one person that finds me boring. =)

    adi, I had to write it somewhere. hehe. Thanks adi. <3

  5. Degree is a degree is a degree. It just opens up doors for you which are locked otherwise. It never means you have to do what you studied. Ask your lecturer why people who train to be engineers, physicists, mathematicians end up being investment bankers and management consultants. Surely you can't usually get people more ambitious and earn more than them. Wait, add accounting to the list of jobs engineering graduates try.

  6. anony, Thankyou! hehe Very wise indeed~

  7. Dood! :p I BET im not the only one who finds u boring. You think u are so interesting!?

  8. Oh and .. technically.. i like ur spirit. But u seem overconfident and proud. And too wannabe fashionable, which u arnt.

  9. anony, well, the more the merrier, eh. =)
    Most of the times I like myself, but there are some days when I just seem to be boring. Hopefully, today is not one of those days.
    thanks. I agree, sometimes I get a wee bit over confident, and specially when I wrote this post, because I wanted to feel confident after being let down.
    I do agree. I'm not fashionable. I'm pretty weird, and I like it.


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