Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Movies I Have Watched Last Week

These days all I do is watch movies, update music library, and spend all the rest of my time on Listal. A few movies I have watched in the past few days;

The King’s Speech (2010)

I like Colin Firth, and he was great. This was a very intense, and historic movie that is amazing, and I liked it a lot. I wouldn’t exactly call it a favorite, or watch it another time in a near future, but I think it deserved the Oscar. My taste in movies are rather weird, and I’m always biased towards my favorite actors, which in this case includes Helena Bonham Carter who I believe is one of the very versatile actresses of all time. She plays the characters with such poise it seems just too real.


Overall, it was a nice movie, which tells an intriguing true story. I think I would enjoy a book version better.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

OMG. Seriously. This was my first Megan Fox movie, and she can’t act, at all. She is just a “hot” actress. And by hot, I of course mean the sex appeal, I don’t find her pretty either. But I loved Amanda Seyfried and Jhonny. They make a lovely couple, and Amanda was good. She did not repeat her character from any previous movie, unlike some of the young actors

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Needy: 'Salty' means beautiful.

Chip: Well then you must be soy sauce, babe.

Overall, it wasn’t scary which is god because I am no good when it comes to horror movies. Even though I don’t like Megan Fox, I will probably watch some more of her movies to see whether this was just a bad apple for her.

Allah Ke Bandey (2010)

The starting was pretty interesting but as the movie went on, it became a circus filled with too many storylines and moderate acting, with way too much action for my liking. I honestly thought it would be different, but I guess they worked so hard to make Sharman look like the good guy, even he lost the appeal of it. I like Sharman, but he can do so much better than this.


I had to fast forward most action scenes and it made no sense. Sharman was as usual his amazing self which I will always love.

Khatta Meetha (2010)

Akshay really needs to stop doing the cheesy comedy movies. This wasn’t exactly a comedy but it was horrible. Apart from the “Sajde Ke” song and the last scene where he gave a speech about his dead sister which made me cry (no biggie, all dead people speeches make me teary eyed in Hindi movies. It’s a cliché’ that I can’t seem to control.) it was a very bad movie that could have been so good.


Am I the only one who hates the comedy Akshay. I used to like him back in his “Dhadkan” days, but looks like he’s grown beyond the good old love stories to crappy comedies. Not a good change, if I must say.

What movies have you watched dear readers? I plan on watching Dil To Baccha Hai Ji and My Sister’s Keeper this week. Any recommendations?


  1. No, I too hate d comedy him!!

    Dil toh Baccha hai ji is a good movie.. fun, comedy, n random romance kind! :)

  2. My all time favorite film, Say Anything (1989)!

  3. Adi, indeed.
    I shall watch it soon. =D

    Maldivesfiction, thanks for the recommendation. Will sure check it out!


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