Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday, my classmates along with R (who had perfect timing because he came right when we were planning it on Thursday, and said he wanted to tag along) went to Hulhumale’ for our third class trip. (The first was in Semester 2, and second in last semester.) It went so much better than I thought, because for starters, everyone came, except N who was sick, but even she visited to participate in some games. ^^

This was the perfect time for a trip because A and I felt like the class reached the maximum potential to remain close buddies and have fun, but we were wrong. This brought us back to the closeness we had in first semester, and even though now we know each other’s flaws and strengths, we understand them and don’t judge.

Of course punctuality is not a thing anymore, (which I knew, but I was too stubborn to admit, cos I don’t want to believe it) but despite having to wait half an hour in the terminal, it was worth it. We made breakfast at Nonns place and played Pictionary. Then G, my former classmate from CHSE and partner in dark chocolate crimes joined us for some games. We played miming songs, words, harubas, and some name calling game which was so fun. Of course no class trip can be complete without the “Leader” game which is out trademark game, ha.

Then came lunch, some “Kukulhu, Kaalhu” game that F introduced, which was so much fun. Lots of watersports, some swimming lessons, and a stroll and we were too tired and soaking in seawater. We couldn’t make tea cos the people were too tired, so we had snacks on the go, and World War III with some weird flowers we found.

After we came to the terminal, two people were left out cos the ferry was full, and we wanted to go on the same ferry, so we stayed behind, not realizing M and A were already on the ferry and it had gone by then. This was definitely one of the best trips. SO much happened in between games and stuff but that’s for us to cherish over!

It was a bummer G couldn’t participate in the snacks on the go. Man, you missed a whole lot of fun!

Right after I came home, I had to attend a ceremony Journey was having, and while I was there, I nearly fell asleep, but I think Unoosha, Shamoon and Theyravaa’s song made my sleep go away.

Overall, it was one hell of a Saturday and I loved being busy all day long. The worst thing, having to get up today at 7 to attend the morning class!

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