Sunday, June 19, 2011


Weddings are a big deal even in Maldives, and most of weddings these days are very European, and one thing I love in European weddings, are Bridesmaids. Every girl dreams to be with her closest girls in the wedding day. I just love looking at different wedding pictures to see how the bridesmaids are dressed. Some are traditional, some classic, some retro and some completely weird.
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I have been a huge wedding fan since like forever. Growing up listening to Taylor Swift and watching Disney movies made me want to have a huge wedding, but ideas change. Right now I;m more into simple, personalized wedding with family and close friends than a big reception. Who knows!
Despite how my life may turn out, I can always dream of having close friends look completely dashing on my wedding, ei.  
Happy Wedding for all brides-to-be! Specially my very dear friend Shums!

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