Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Start


So, it’s the fourth semester of mine having spent almost one and a half year and done with half of my course I feel a lot. I feel tired, relieved a bit, anxious and mostly confused, but at the same time I feel pretty good about this semester.

We started last year from a tiny group of 15 of us, so very different yet so alike, and last semester some new students joined our course, and this year we have around 40 students in total, most of whose name I don’t even know which is a shame. I do try to talk to the new people, but some of them are not the most friendliest people but I’m hoping that with the passing of time, we could be more than the smile-when-i-bump-into-you and turn into great friends.

Classes have started and it’s been going good. Most of the lecturers are not new to us, so we are past the whole introduction, and trying to make a good first impression part. But there is one person I’d like to highlight, my Marketing and Research lecturer, Mr. K. I have seen him around a lot in the past semesters, but never really knew him. Yesterday while sitting in his first class, I was sure his face seemed so familiar, (not because I’ve seen him around) but he looked exactly like someone I have seen and heard, a lot, and when he started talking about Einstein, BAM it hit me. WHOA, he looks just like Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory. Since I have a weird way of thinking, I wanted to know if someone else saw the resemblance as well, so I asked the only guy in class who have seen TBBT, and he thought so too. From that moment on, I knew that I’ll enjoy this class a lot. Plus, he is very interesting, and knows a lot, about well everything. I guess I’ve found an inspiring lecturer this sem too. =D

The other teachers are good too and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this semester. Also, the classes are at morning which gives me an hour everyday to watch a movie or just enjoy the morning with coffee or some hot cocoa. It’s such a fresh start to every day.

PS I’m planning to read To Kill A Mockingbird this week. Any recommendations for next week? I’m looking to reading some classic books this semester.

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