Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today, right now I am confused. I guess I have been confused for most part of my life. Sometimes I like being confused, and I like being naïve, but it’s a thing of the past. It’s not like you wake up one day and realize you’re not so innocent anymore.
It’s weird because now I get things, I get dirty jokes, and it makes me feel sad. I know I am not supposed to be naïve for all my life, I just don’t know. I don’t know many things, and I am actually very scared of the future. I am scared that I made so many mistakes and yet didn’t learn from most of them.
I donno what to believe. I envy those who do. I am so confused and I don’t even know why I am confused. My mind keeps working overtime. I keep doing unnecessary stuff. One minute I am motivated , and the other I am like “oh, what the hell!”.
Despite all this, I am truly excited for the future too. I think I am ready. I hope I am and maybe I am.
To being confused, and not knowing.


  1. Awwh, you know what you can do even though you're so much confused? Don't go with the flow.
    You don't know what to believe? Believe in YOURSELF. That's enough. Have faith in yourself! Trust!

  2. Adi, Thank you Adi, you are always the best.


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