Thursday, May 3, 2012

LTLT Day 1

I have been in Bandos for a day now, getting ready for the "learning to live together" work shop which is this really interesting workshop carried out by Global Networks of Religions for Children (GNRC) and Democracy House in collaboration with Institute of Governance and Development and Bandos. As usual, the stay in Bandos is fantastic, with lovely rooms, great meals and fun Foosball matches. I love it here.
The workshop officially started today with 20 participants aged 15-18. Me, along with Nawaf, Shaam, Eelaf, Suha and Zaadhi are the facilitators with help from the program director Sujith from Sri Lanka. The workshop deals with learning to live though differences and about respect, empathy, responsibility and reconciliation delivered through the two modules, Understanding self and others, and Transforming the World together. 
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We are doing some really intersting stuff, which I shall blog about hopefully, if I am not too busy. Today, we had introduction sessions, some name games to get to know each other and a really fun activity where we made a huge web kinda thing which was so pretty. 
On FMC related notes, my assignments are slightly over. I had two due today, which my group mates had submitted. Still one more to go, and I also need to write proposal for my applied project which I am going to talk about A LOT in the next six months. I'm really tired right now, a bit sleepy and have lots of work to do. I also need to find if the legend is real. (Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove). :P


  1. Damn the ltlt sounds interesting... Wish I could join in.. :(


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