Saturday, May 12, 2012

LTLT Day 2 and 3

It's almost a week since LTLT ended, which was an amazing experience. The sessions were filled with lots of great actitivities and we had so much fun boding with the kids, playing games etc.
I had three major sessions throughout the program, the first being "Walking in others shoes". This was all about empathy and understanding others feelings. We literally walked in each others shoes, drew silhouettes and tried to understand what each person feels according to what they like, where they want to go, etc. It was a very refreshing and a meditating session. My next activity was "Non-violent Alternatives" where we tried to come up with ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. The entire session was very insightful and I loved the enthusiasm of the participants.
The highlight of LTLT was the Silent Journey, where the participants were silent for an hour and visited four stalls with the themes peace, nature, light and love. Mine was the red room filled with things that remind people of love. Since it was silent, I included lots of visible things, things to smell, to hear and to feel. It was so good, I wish we had a chance to experience it as well. I would have loved to go to other rooms and experience the journey. 
At nights, Sham, Nawaf and I would play Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove and tried to solve the mystery, drink too much redbull and sleep after 1. On the second night, we has a dance-thing where we just danced till it was midnight. I had so much fun learning how to Shuffle, and Thola from some Voice of Maldives, joined us and sang songs. 
The participants were just amazing. The other night, we all hung out together went crazy at the kids play area in the Jogger's Park. It was simply awesome.
On a less workshop-y note, my exam starts today and so far, I've only gone through one chapter. But I have watched two episodes of Suite Life and one episode of Friends. >.< Something is very wrong here.


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