Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Reads

Hello people! It's nearly the end of Friday. I have bee busy (yes, as usual. -__-) and it has been fun. My exams are going to end soon, and by soon I mean tomorrow (YAY ME!!!). While I'm away finishing up the last few hours of studying and getting ready for the exam, lemme leave you with some interesting stuff I found on the web.
Silent Fingers: Really touching poems Little Light and Oh Silly Heart!
Capturin' Life: Pains All That Remains
College Prepster: Post about To-do lists, one of my favorite things. 
Color Me Katie: Peacocks!

Also some very interesting pictures.
Lana Del Ray in super sophisticated Blazer. Love this. 
Cute teacher gifts. I know someone who would love this.
image credits
Hope you have an awesome weekend. :D


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