Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life in the busy lane

Life has been really good lately. My exams ended. It was however the worst exams, because I procrastinated way too much and my flashcards were poorly made. Yes, I am one of those people who make flashcards to study. In my defense, they are pretty effective. I had one week to find an Internship, which also I have been procrastinating since last year, so I was unable to get one in where I really wanted, but thankfully I got one from a place that I find very interesting, the MMPRC. I am soon to be part of the "Team Sunny Side of Life". Best team name ever, right?
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Nawaf and I have been working on some new projects for DYM. So be ready for some exciting fun stuff soon. Also I have been meeting some amazing people who are passionate about youth and change, which gives me hope for the future of our country. These people inspire me everyday to try my best to become a better person and to bring about a positive change. 
On much sadder news, my laptop Blitzy who has been my right hand for the last 2 and a half years passed away. It has been some very sad days without a laptop. I am challenging myself to last till the end of the year without one, and then hopefully invest in a good quality laptop. It was partly my fault, because I keep watching too much stuff on it, and also using it while charging, and being very negligent about it. So currently, I am sharing Muntha's PC with Dad and the three year old that is Mickie who thinks its hers. It's an interesting scene. 
I am currently reading this book called 365 Ways to Change the World by Michael Norton which is absolutely amazing. I hope to do a lot of thing in this book throughout the year. Also now that my laptop's dead, I have more time to do thing like household chores besides ironing (did I ever tell you that I love ironing. YES! In fact, people call me the Iron Lady. *just kidding* I am the only one who calls myself Iron Lady. The again, I call myself a lot of things, most of which are too embarrassing/pathetic/weird to write here, so I'll leave it to your imagination), read books and go out. 
Some exciting things happened last weekend. I was a model/bride for a day and it was so much fun. I should consider changing my career, but then again, removing make-up is hard work so I'll probably let people like Kate Moss do what they do best. But seriously, being a model is fun. You get to wear pretty clothes, people around you always keeping up with your needs like bringing you water bottles with straws, carrying your dress, touching up on your make-up. It sure is a glamorous life. 


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