Monday, May 14, 2012

Another two good books.

So, I used to be this book worm. Actually I have always been a reader, but lately time hasn't been a friend and I had to return a book to library before completing it which is one of those things in life that just makes me so sad. I will of course take it again next semester and finish it. One never leaves a book half read. That has been my reading motto since I learned how to read when I was two. (Mom says so. I have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever.)
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Because the central library has a secition deovted to Chinese Literature and authors, I often check this place and once saw this cover, and the title intrigued me. Yes, I sometimes judge books by cover. Positive judging doesn't count, right? Oh well. It was kind of OK. I mean, it started weirdly which was kind of a downer but it got better; not good enough to take away the disgust of the first chapter though. I really enjoyed the plot nevertheless. The characters were well explained and had a likeable quality. It reminds me that one is never too old to fall in love again. 
Short Summary: Mutsuko is a young girl who ages back in time. Some guy  meets her 60 year old self in hospital, and later meets her 40 year self and so on. She and him share a journey through the hurdles of her getting younger and the society, as well as his job and life in the backdrop of Japan, beauty and culture of the place.
Fav Character: No one really, but if I must choose Mutsuko it is, because she is the main character and is extremely well-rounded. I don't know how to put it, but she's very different and she makes the reader want to side with her. She is pretty, she's all ages and she makes you want to enjoy life. 
Verdict: Read it if you want to be surprised, but not my style.
Rating: 2/5
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This next book is a war tale, which is my first ever war tale and is actually a translation from a Chinese novel. It was so much fun. I mean, it was epic. I loved the characters, the culture and the little stories in-between. The characters are really well put, is full of life and the plot is clear with many moments which takes the reader's breath away! Honestly. It also has this funny stuff, like this warrior, who recited a poem in a temple and then commits suicide. I know, suicide is not funny but M and I found this interesting and had many laughs over this scene.
Short Summary: The story of the war between the Heike and the Genji, with its main plot set in the Heike and how their power rose and lost. Also lots of stories of Kiyomori and his wife and their sons and their lives. Some insights into Buddist cultures set in a Chinese backdrop. Lots of drama between people, and the lives of the Imperial family.
Fav Character: Definitely Kiyomori. He's the head of the Heike clan and loses his power as the story progresses. He is strong, fearless but also has this goodness to him. His character was developed nicely, with many characters mixing-up, like the dancing sisters, his sons, his wives and how he died from the wrath. 
Verdict: I definitely recommend this book to people, especially open minded people. Some might not be able to digest the Buddist comments and backdrop. Also for those new to Chinese literature, this could prove to be a good first read. 
Rating: 4/5
I am currently reading an English translation of a Chinese novel called "A Dream of Red Mansions", along with "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. Two very different yet very interesting books, so expect a review soon. And by soon, I meant probably by the end of the year with the pace I'm currently going which is 0.02 pages per day. Not my personal best. =/


  1. haha..reminds me of the poem and the suicide..Heike

  2. Ever read Paulo Coelho books? YOU SHOULD!

    1. no. A lot of people recommend this. I shall. :D


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