Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Playlist: Things That Shine

Yes, I've been busy. At this point, you should just be rolling your eyes. I know. I need to learn to manage time. I was doing pretty well till I messed it up. I recently found myself listening to some random songs. Here are a few.

Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
I remember listening to this once and not being too excited, and then when I started working, my co-worker Scott (to keep his identity safe. From now on, I'll use blog names for real life people) would play this over and over again, and at first I loved it and then I started getting annoyed. Anyhow, not a working day passes where I don't hear this song. It's starting to grow on me.

Home by Phillip Phillips
Not considering his name (WHO NAMES THEIR KID PHILLIP PHILLIPS, unless it's an iron?), this is such a wonderful heartwarming song that I absolutely love. I again heard this some time ago and wasn't very interested in it, but then in LTLT, we saw a video where this song was used and after that this song has been defining my life. Well, not really. But you get the idea. Love it.

Me Without You by Toby Mac
I love this song. I think it goes very well with my life right now. This is dedicated to Gigs. Let's build some castles? 

Catch a Falling Star by Perry Como
I first heard this when I was watching this very beautiful movie called Everybody's Fine (it's a must watch) and instantly fell in love with it. It's so magical and whimsical and makes you wanna just get lost in the song. Definitely an uplifting song.

Ours by Tay
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG. I WOULD MARRY THIS SONG IF I COULD. Not really. But I still remember listening to this song (actually watching the video on Channel V) and I had this amazing feeling of complete and utter bliss. I think that is what love feels like. Maybe. Anyways, there's this line in the song where it goes like "So don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine: which is just fantastic  It gives me hope. It's like sunshine, no, like ice cream, no, I don't even know how to describe it. It's just happy. It's that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you feel a Cashmere sweater on your face. That is one of my favourite feelings ever. 


  1. Exactly what I thought when I first saw his audition in American Idol. He kinda sings well, though...


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