Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Favourites

Happy new year wonderful readers. Yes you! I don't usually have big new year celebrations, but this year was most low. I spent the tick of the clock reading local news, which is very very depressing these days. We live in such dark times. Moving over, here are some materialistic things that I wish was in my life right now, adding a bit of colour and spark into it.

Jan favs

1. Chevron Monogram Mouse-pad from studioelle - I love anything monogram. In my heart, I am a little preppy. Seriously, what is not to love about this adorable chevron mouse-pad in pink and yellow. Would be perfect for when I also decide to buy a mouse. 

2. Crazy Let's Get Loud Necklace from C&Co - These people make the most crazy things that are also not so crazy. I think this will go wonderful with a plain top or a shift-dress. Also, I am digging geometric patterns these days.

3. YouCube Ring from Fredflare - How unusual is this dainty simple ring? Definitely a conversation starter. Also Fredflare has some of the quirkiest little pieces. 

4. Personalized Wedding App from OurPhotoOpp - This is one app that all weddings need. It's a camera, a slideshow, a guest book and a photo gallery all in one and lets you get pictures that guests take. The perfect technological investment for your big day, on your fingertips. (Don't I sound like a proper marketer? :P)

5. Deathly Hallows Clock made by Patty O - Can you believe that someone actually made this using a random clock? haha, only Potterheads can create magic from ordinary items.

6. Chuck Bass Tote from invisiblecrown - Now that Gossip Girl has ended, this can be the perfect bag to remind ourselves of the awesome people that Blair and Chuck were, and of the love they had. CHAIR FOREVER! (That is such an unfortunate shipper name)

7. Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Planner from Lifeguard Press - I am a Lilly girl. I love the green and pink ensembles, the preppy designs and the whole southern charm. I would personally choose Filofax over any day planner/organizer any day, but having this wouldn't hurt. Nope, not even a bit.

How did you spend the new year? And what are your favourite things right now? 


  1. I want to give you all of this... But... I am not allowed....

    Ur admirer....

    1. thanks

      You've already given me a lot more than I could imagine. :D

  2. Thanks for having my Chuck bag on your lovely list. And I really like that ring :-)


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