Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just know you're not alone

cos I'm gonna make this your home.

Amazing things and sad things have happened in the past few days. I did lots of shopping with Thutha, had amazing food and reminisced about the past. I finally found out who that guy from work is (long story short: I wasn't sure whether this guy at work was from my dad's island or mom's island or him name) and he happened to be a neighbor of mine. (small world!) 

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The weekend was so terrible for me, I spent most of my time on bed trying to feel better. I was gonna have an all-nighter Caste marathon on Friday night but fell asleep around 4 30. Even Rick and Kate could not cheer me up, and shopping didn't help either. Usually shoes would just cheer me up, but it did not work. I even painted my nails in bright red but it was no help either. 

Anyhow, life seems to be going very well despite minor setbacks. I finally finished my RCT at the dentist the other day (you see no nightmare post because it wasn't a nightmare. It was actually nice. The receptionist there and I are now the greatest of friends because I go there too often) and I still have several more visits to do, but for now everything is fine.

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Things are great at work. I'm busy and I'm finally getting into a routine. I might have some exciting news soon and I'm happy. If this is not nice, I don't know what it is.

In my head I've been singing Home by Phillip Phillips and it makes me feel just a little better. I hope you guys are doing great. How was your weekend?

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