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Book Review: Emotional Affairs and Page Turners

I am so glad I've gone back to my old self who loves reading and actually reads. In the past few weeks, I've read more books than in the last 6 months. It wasn't like I grew out of it (I hope I never would) but I was just I donno, very not me, very unbalanced and messy.

But now, I'm getting my act back together. People might not notice since nothing much changes in me, but I know. I've started keeping daily routines and sticking to it, getting my to-do list done and limiting screen time. So far, it is working.

So, here are two of my most recent reads. Both of them are very very different and I was reading it at the same time, one e-book and one paperback.

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This was my first ever e-book read. I used to think e-books were only meant to read via e-readers but the laptop is mighty fine as well. The title was rather nice and I thought it was about love in a period of a natural disaster. It turned out to be completely different and very thought provoking.

It completely changed my mindset about how I see affairs and men and marriages. I was so into the story, I felt like the whole world was just filled with such distress and sadness, but don't worry I was not depressed nor melancholy, I was just thinking very deeply about everything around me. I was questioning everything, every relationship, every person I knew and all my life. 

I loved the book very much. The writing style was rather different but very easy to grasp. It was written in a very one sided empathetic way or maybe cos I am a girl, I found it very easy to click with Eve. The character build up was good and overall I found the style of the book nice.

Short Summary: Eve is pregnant to their second child, happily married to Jon when she finds out her husband is having an affair, except there is no physical element. She then goes through the journey of rethinking her whole life and trying to find out where it went wrong. She gets away from Jon, starts dating, gives birth and finds herself. Her brother Charlie, friend Tamara and Lil are also a big part of the whole thing. In the end, Eve has to decide what she wants to do and how to overcome it all. 

Fav Character: Definitely Eve, because well, it was in her perspective and I could see myself being Eve and thinking what I'd do if it ever happened to me. I loved how brave she was, but I hated her for trying to defend everything she did and not giving Jon the chance to apologize while expecting Jon to understand everything. 

Verdict: a must-read. Seriously. You'll begin to question every person around you.
Rating: 3/5
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This is my first ever read by Sidney Sheldon. I know. I tend to read rather non-mainstream books and old classics. It was so so freaking amazing. I mean, at first I was in love with Noelle and then I was in love with Catherine. AHH. The characters were so well written, and had so much depth in them, and when you think you know everything, everything is changed and you are like JSHFKHDF because you don't even know how to contemplate that level of awesomeness. The writing style is really good and of course I get why everyone loves Sheldon. I had book denial for nearly two days. Thanks to Abe (you know who you are) for lending me the book. 

Short Summary: Noelle, a poor girl falls in love with a handsome man named Larry but is betrayed and she plans her whole life to get revenge on him. She meets with the most influential people around Paris, and Greece, becomes a famous actress and the mistress of the most powerful Greek tycoon. Meanwhile, Catherine, a very intelligent young girl has her share of love and troubles in America. In the midst of the World War II, four lives cross and things get complicated and bloody. 

Fav Character: Noelle. I thought hard on this one. I loved Catherine and in many ways, we share similar characteristics but Noelle was amazing. She was the master of the macabre. She was what every woman envisioned to be and despite what happened to her, she was inspiring in the most different way. 

Verdict: You are going to love it. Along with the whole lot of emotions you will feel for everyone in the story. It's a page turner.
Rating: 4/5 

Have you read any of it? Did you like it? If you'd like the e-book, write your mail id in the comments section and I'll mail it to you. :) I'm currently reading THE HUNGER GAMES!! (again, thanks to Abe) and Looks to Die For.

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