Monday, January 7, 2013

Guest Post: Tale of a Mix CD

Hey these surroundings are a bit unfamiliar, ah yeah must be because I am on someone else’s blog. Hmm it smells like Harry Potter in here (not the guy, the story). =P

Speaking of smell, World Smell Day is 16th June. Speaking of days, my birthday is in January. Speaking of January reminds me of my previous birthday and the gift I got from Shaha. A mix CD (in it were songs galore!) along with a hand written letter (an eloquent reminder of our friendship), a birthday card, a DVD related to my career – Bad Teacher (very thoughtful there!) and some cool London merchandise. All these were packed in a box of chocolate and I though she got me chocolate hehe. Chocolate she owes me! (I won a bet!)

That would be enough digress and allow me to get to the point, the point is the mix CD which was packed with songs of different genres, artists, voices, lyrics and bands. A total of 151 songs! 151 songs that she thought I would like and she already liked. That’s not all, with the CD came a txt file. In it were written what she thought of each and every song! Thanks to her OCD status the songs were neatly placed in alphabetical order, so it was in the txt file. It was the complete opposite of a mayhem!

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“Here's a little back info about each song. Kinda like a commentary. hehe.” Her words. And I was like, how am I going to top this on her birthday?! :D

I mean ahh that was pretty sweet and amicable! I was elated upon receiving it. I would listen to the CD everyday after coming home from college, while listening I would read what she wrote about the song. It took a few days to listen the whole of it, which made me realize how much time it would require to write about 151 songs. You da best! =P

The bottom line is thank you very much! I love you and stuff.

P. S. Only one item on this year’s wish list for my birthday - latest edition of the Dhivehi Radheef. I bet it will smell great!

Post by: My absolutely best-est guy friend; Mh

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