Thursday, January 24, 2013

On why I love Symphony Solo

Yes, this deserves a post of it's own because I love the place. Very much.
Honestly, If I had a small restaurent/cafe' I would do it in a very similar way (except of course I'd have Karoke and a dessert/candy bar).
Let me list down all the reasons (the ones I can think of right now at least) why I think Solo rocks;

1. The place is very nice and comfortable. The tables are not too near, but also not too far and it feels less crowded (but of course there are other much more spacious places so this point only deserves half the marks)
2. The waiters. Seriously. The nicest bunch of people. They smile, they always treat customers nicely and they have such nice mannerisms. I love how it takes very less time to call a waiter. (Kings Corner will win an award for the most on the look waiters. You don't even have to call them, they will magically appear when you finish food)
3. The place-mats and napkins and coasters. Maybe cos I have to be all proper, I feel that all restaurants (at least the ones without self service) should provide them and Solo does this so well. 
4. The strawberry tea there is awesome.
5. Did I mention the waiters? They are seriously the nicest people ever!
6. DYM was sort of born there. Yes, the "bath house of Dhi Youth". 

Well, that is mainly why I think Solo is one of the best places in town (close second is Sea House and Kings Corner). But then again, I hardly eat out so I am not the best judge of these things.

Also I did not get paid/anything for writing this post. I wanted to tell you of the place and why you should go there (at least once. Not too often though cos we want the place for ourselves. ;) 


  1. I agree with your points there. I think You should also go to Gourmet Restaurant. I love the customer service there. and the food too :)


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