Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 5: Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you

I thought it would be fun to write a song dedicated from Tay to Harry Styles, using names of Tay Songs and 1D songs, so here goes. 

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I lay awake up all night thinking about our song
Nobody compares to you and the moments
As the sparks fly, tell me why
We made the same mistakes, tell me a lie

I was torn, invisible,  forever young
Haunted, fearless and enchanted
Looking at your beautiful eyes
You were innocent, untouchable
Like a wonderwall, irresistible

I loved you first in another world
But there you go giving me a heart attack
And I'm stuck here telling to myself
I heart a question mark

I had a perfectly good heart
That dreamed of summer love
But you stole my heart and then crushed it
Like a heartbreaker, breaker

Do you think that I'll comeback for you
C'mon C'mon C'mon
I changed my mind over again
No one's gonna come and save you tonight
Na Na Na 
It was the story of us, the way I loved you
And now no body knows of this sad beautiful tragic tale

I kept asking you to stay stay stay
You said I should've kissed you
And then I said we were unperfect
Like a maths song, like a holy ground
Like the starlight in a white Christmas
Before the storm, in a silent night

You told me of all that makes me beautiful
That I had this one thing, and you remembered the little things
I wanted to kiss you, jump then fall
You're in a white horse, in our love story
It was the best day when you were mine.
So rock me, it gotta be you.
Give me your last first kiss and long live.
I mean it like a red permanent market.

Oh, I can love you more, I need you
I almost do, we can begin again
so take me home, I'm missing you
Give me a chance, for the both of us. 
and we can live while we're young

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