Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 4: We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go

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Here's how today goes. 
8:00 - I wake up, get very weird about the vest I ironed last night, but still wear it and rush out the door with a coffee on my hand. 
9:00 - I make it to work just in the nick of time. 
10:00 - breakfast at office with the girls. 
12:00 - I was supposed to buy flowers with Gigs but there was an ungent meeting so I had to postpone
1:00 - I go home for lunch, try to get a ride to the flower shop + Democracy House for an interview of YLP. 
2:00 - I get very upset and clean my wardrobe even when it was already very neat to begin with. Yes, I clean when I'm sad. :/ I don't even know why I was upset. Maybe it was my cold. 
3:30 - Back to work.
5:15 - I go home, get rid of the vest and watch Devil Beside Me's last episodes
8:30 - I was supposed to attend a meeting of DYM but I wasn't feeling too good to go out of the house, so I stay and work on DYM magazine.
11:00 - I remember that I found some of my clothes that needed mending while on my binge cleaning charade and I mend them. 
11:45 - I iron my clothes and remember I did not blog. I rush to the laptop to try to post this before 12. Let's hope I can.

It was a good day, very productive and unproductive too. Oh, well. How was your day?

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