Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 1: 'cos you know the way to my heart

I'm an extremely easy person to impress, if you how to. I guess I'm a very traditional girl at heart and good manners and old novels are definitely what impresses me most. Here are a few ways.

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Chivalry is not dead and does not only belong in old novels and random movies. I find people very attractive when they open doors for others, greet people and be generally well mannered. A gentlemen over an arrogant, selfish bastard any day of the week please.

I love people with a good sense of humour. Someone who can take a joke and not just make jokes. I once knew a really handsome guy who was a total turn off after he could not take a very silly joke. One of my good friends also was a really fun person to be with, but when the joke is on her, she goes total bonkers. I need people in my life who are genuinely funny.

Good Grammar
I seriously cannot emphasize this enough. If you write lyk dis, then no matter how hot you are (even if you are Gerard Butler) you will instantly become unattractive to me. I like smart people who only use text language for texts and not when they have all the words in the language and no limits to use them and still write like that.

I think the photo's from Sartorialist, not sure. 
People who dress smartly instantly become attractive. I especially love guys who can pull off being appropriately dressed all the times. I find people who wear flip flops (especially guys) very annoying unless they are at the beach. You don't necessarily have to always wear Lacoste polos. I have this friend of mine who is always on trend and it makes me happy to even be his friend. Also guys in chucks melt my heart like a summer's day. Same goes for girls. 

Small Things
I love when people remember the small things, like good night messages and wishing on random days. Yellow flowers when the sky is gray, dedicating a song out of the blue. These little things make up a big impression on me. Maybe because my whole life, I've seen people being swept away by them.

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