Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 7: I hate the way you talk to me and the way you cut your hair

Hello ya'll. Yes, I lost the spark to blog. I let other things stop me from blogging. I've been sick and confused, miserable and happy, glum and mean and also annoyed. Here are five things that annoys me a lot.

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People who spell LyK DiZ
Seriously. What is wrong with you? I want to hit you, in the face, with a dictionary  Stop abusing Caps Lock and the English Language at the same time. Also while we're on the topic of this, I hate when people capitalize the first letter of every freaking word like every sentence is a movie title. No. Just no. 

People with bad taste in footwear
I have a love hate relationship with flip flops and I hate when people wear them with everything. I also hate people who wear clogs and uggs (I'm sure it's comfy and since I come from the sunny side of life I wouldn't know about cold feet) and people who wear high heels with everything. There's a place and a time for everything. Learn to appreciate footwear people!

I used to be fashionably late everywhere (and sometimes still am) and I just can't take it when people say they'll come on a certain time and then don't. At least have the common decency to inform why you're getting late. 

People who try to chat you up
Not just random, hey how are you and trying to know you, but people who ask things like "ASL" and "can I be your friend" and "do you have a boyfriend  to random strangers on twitter! What is this? Mig33? If you want to know someone go the steps. Before you can ask someone their number, you need to establish some sort of trust. Maybe it's just me.

I think I've written more blog posts about this than necessary but we Maldivians love to litter. It's like the roads are our personal trash can. If you're my friend and you do this in front of me, I'll go all crazy and give you a lecture. Stop being the enemy of the planet.


  1. Oh my goodness I do not like litterbugs! If someone throws something on the road while we're walking together, I'm actually anal enough to go back, pick it up and walk all the way with the litter in my hand until we find a bin. :D

    1. I do that too. It's insane how people can be so lazy and careless.

      People like you make this place proud. :D

  2. So Erm.. Howz U Der.. i ShAl g0 to office 1n proPer f00tz wearz & on Timez now..

    1. OMG. How did you do that? It would take me around minutes to write that little sentence.

      Kudos to you on your footwear and punctuality. Now about spelling and proper writing, we shall tackle it some other day.


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