Monday, April 21, 2014

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So many things to catch up on. This month has been big on books! (I've read about 5 books so far this month and that's the highest monthly rate since two years back, whoo!) The downside is, I still have too many TV episodes to watch. *sigh* 

Prom This movie was so so cute! Ah, good girl meets bad boy, nice guys getting the girl, non-mean popular girls, prom and cheesy teenage romance! It was so adorable and I loved watching it. It's such a good feel-good movie. 

Imagine That I don't even know how I got this movie but any movie cover that has a little kid (and not a horror flick) has so far not disappointed me, so I am having lots of good feelings about this movie too. 

NCIS S4 I'm finally catching up on my favourite navy cops team. (and possibly the only navy cops team I watch, haha). I'm a huge fan of crime shows, police procedure ones especially. I have a morbid fascination with serial killers and generally humans hurting other humans. I could never do it but watching people who do it and why they do it is so interesting. Also Palmer and Lee & McGee and Abby are reasons I love this show besides Gibbs. 

The Engagements This books started off with DeBeers engagement ring marketing and that's two of my loves. Diamonds and marketing. Mostly the latter. So far, the book is really interesting and I am loving the style of writing and how the story is progressing. Very alternative and modern-day. 

The Shining Girls I read loads of good reviews about this book and it has a time traveler so hopefully it won't disappoint me That cover is very interesting. 

Looking for That Girl - Tim McGraw For a country fan, I haven't heard much of Tim and while this song is way pop than country, I still love it. The references are so fun and country songs always make me feel like I'm sipping lemonade on a beach somewhere or if I'm running through a cornfield. Must be that rhythm and vocals. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

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